After over a decade working in the corporate world as an Applications Analyst, Software Trainer, and even a Law Clerk, I decided to make my passion for art and technology a career.  Since the first time I got my hands on a computer I have been fascinated.   From designing the layout for my high school yearbook, to an education in Multi-Media Design from Durham College it has been clear from the start that web design was my true calling.  Now I am excited to be able to adventure into this exciting area as an entrepreneur.  Actually I believe the more accurate term is “mom” trepreneur, since I am lucky enough to be raising my one year old daughter while I work from home building gorgeous responsive websites.

I have never once found myself bored with the endless possibilities technology offers.  After successfully creating the first online Intranet used daily by 300 staff members at a major law firm in Toronto I became obsessed with websites.  Since then I  have been able to teach myself a number of scripting languages including HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, PHP and SQL.  I started noticing a trend with websites, their content was consistently out of date.  Additionally I was noticing many of them were not designed for use on smartphones.  After speaking with multiple business owners  I realized this was largely due to the fact that people didn’t know how to update their websites.  Well luckily for the world of websites, I know what I’m doing and I am excited to teach people!  My passion for technology is truly in the education. Spreading confidence in technology is what it’s really all about for me.  So not only will I build you a gorgeous website, but I will teach you how to update it and manage it on your own!  After all what good is this wonderful world of the internet if the content is inaccurate!

If you are looking for someone to help you with your online presence that will take things a step above I am your person!  I will help you through the entire experience and give you the one on one attention you deserve.  After all this is your business we are talking about!  So let’s make the technology experience fun instead of daunting, and let’s create a stunning brand image along the way!